Company & Business Area Description

DNV GL in solar

DNV GL provides project engineering services in support of the global solar PV industry. Working with equipment manufacturers, project developers, owners and financial institutions, we manage risk throughout the value chain, helping to ensure the safety and performance of systems from residential/commercial rooftops to multi-megawatt power plants.

Local Unit & Position Description

The Solar PV Engineer will be responsible for the delivery of solar consulting services targeted towards project developers and investors and will primarily related to commercial and utility-scale PV systems. Typical duties may include:


  • Analysis and development of meteorological files and assumptions for inclusion in PVsyst and other      solar energy modeling tools;
  • Forecasting long-term solar resource using measure-correlate-predict methods and other regression models;
  • Development of annual and long term solar energy assessments, using PVsyst and other modeling tools;
  • Development of uncertainty analyses using statistical and pragmatic approaches to determine probabilistic energy production forecasts;
  • Undertaking PV Due Diligence analysis;
  • Conduct energy production and technical reviews of portfolios of residential and commercial solar projects, and provide opinions regarding potential flaws in process or methodology;
  • Analysis of energy production data from PV projects, including comparison of operating vs. modeled data, downtime analyses, and various other comparative analyses using quantitative data analysis techniques;
  • Review of test procedures and methods to collect data to evaluate the performance of solar projects;
  • Review and provide comments on resource assessments and energy estimates provided by other consultants;
  • Conceptual design of solar PV facilities;
  • Independent review of solar PV designs, testing/commissioning procedures and QA/QC documentation;
  • Undertaking inspection of PV manufacturing facilities (Modules, inverters, trackers) in order to provide a Bankable report on the technology of new players in the market;
  • Inspection of Solar PV plants;
  • Feasibility studies for PV plants;
  • Development of technical specifications and scope of work documentation for solar PV projects;
  • Technical report writing;
  • Interfacing with clients to discuss results and risk mitigation;
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals including scope of services, schedule and budgeting;
  • Assist in the preparation of technical papers or presentations;
  • Project management;
  • Work in a global team with good communication skills in order to provide technical support for projects in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East;
  • Managing multiple projects to ensure they are completed within timescale and budget;
  • Any other duties as directed by the Country and Regional Managers

Position Qualifications


  • Solid academic background on PV      systems, technologies and simulation of PV plants
  • BTech Graduates(Electrical,      Electronics & Instrumentation) from Premiere Institutes like      IIT’s/NIT’s
  • 2-5 years of work experience in      relevant industry
  • Knowledge and experience with Indian      and international electrical and building codes
  • Strong analytical skills and an      aptitude for analysing statistical data.
  • Excellent organisational and time      management skills
  • Excellent verbal      and written communication skills; fluency in English is a must
  • Prior experience of project      management
  • Ability to write and compose clear and      accurate reports in English; excellent knowledge of MS Office is a must
  • Knowledge of the solar Indian market
  • Familiarity with PV software      packages for simulating PV plants
  • Strong teamwork but      must be a  Self-starter, energizing, results oriented,      and able to multi-task
  • Strong technical      aptitude, including applicable engineering tools and systems
  • Strong interpersonal      and leadership skills
  • Work with a larger      cross-functional team
  • Ability      to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment

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